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“Knowledge is power”

Peace of mind

I was relocating to Manchester for my new job and trying to find the right home for me and my family in a city I had never been to,

Propertistics saved me time, money and stress while giving full peace of mind for our move- I just wish I had found it sooner!

Donna McGrath
Reloacted Homeowner

A vital part of due dilligence

I have used Propertistics for some time now in helping me to choose properties to buy, renovate and flip.

This tool has been responsible for stopping at least 3 bad purchases in areas I was unfamiliar with and has become a priority part of my due dilligence process. 10 our of 10.

John Simmings
Property Investor

Eye Opening Stats

When we looked at the data there were some key eye opening stats that swung us towards our final decision of the biggest investment we will ever make

Positively 5/5 stars and truly an invaluble tool for home buyers

Susan Hillingdon
First Time Buyer

Find your forever home with in-depth local statistics

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